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MyBabyOurBaby.comDiscover memories of your children you didn’t even know existed. So many times your friends come over for dinner or your family comes to visit for the holidays.

They all have digital cameras and take a ton of photos of your children. Most of which end up on their computer somewhere or collecting dust in their camera. With you invite all of your friends and family to add photos and memories of your children all into one place. This site helps people to capture all kinds of memories, to collaborate with family and friends, and to allow you to do as many things as possible with those memories. In Their Own Words

“Even though neither of them have kids of their own (yet), the founders of MyBabyOurBaby found themselves surrounded by friends and colleagues having babies left and right. Being the “internet guys” that everyone knew, they were asked again and again to help out with “doing online stuff” for these new, little people. Ray had the brainwave — why not just make a site where everyone can capture all their memories and share them with family and friends easily? Then we wouldn’t have to keep making separate sites, which is a good thing, because we’re lazy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The busy parent can still document their children’s lives even if they don’t have time to scrapbook. Not to mention friend and family will inspire you to add memories to your child’s book.

Some Questions About

Is this site going to attract the masses? Will people find this site a useful tool?