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My-Wage.comDo you feel you are being underpaid? Are you led to believe that your skills are not being truly appreciated? This website will provide you with the resources for finding that very same information, and having access to it in a simple-to-understand format.


Through the site, you can quickly realize what your salary is in relation to the income of workers in similar positions, and figure out if it is a good idea or not to ask for a rise in pay.

Moreover, those who are looking for a different job can use the site to find out how much to request at the ever-fateful interview, and avoid causing a bad impression.

Registration to the site is a free process that is carried out in a dynamic manner, and (as it is fit) personal particulars have to be furnished along with information such as your academic record, before getting down to job-related questions. These include the type of company and the industry, as well as the time you have been employed there. The number of subordinates must also be specified, along with the yearly revenue of the company.

When all is said and done, this portal is a viable resource for reassessing your position and making better-informed career-based decisions. Try it out at the provided address, and see what is your standing and where you could be. In Their Own Words

“The MY-WAGE.COM site analyzes the salaries of the users and the determinant factors concerning those salaries through clear diagrams and short textual assessment. The user will have access filtering at will the disposable data base on the basis of distinct factors (e.g. male/female, age, education, industrial branch, work-experience, etc.).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a useful tool that can provide everybody with much needed information as regards career decisions.

Some Questions About

Is this service provided free of charge?

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