My Calorie Limit – The Simplest Way To Know How Much You Should Eat

It sounds so simple. Watch what you eat, eat healthy foods, and exercise, and you’ll either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Sounds simple.


Life is so much more complicated though. Most of us struggle mightily to understand what we’re eating, to choose the right foods, get enough of the right kind of exercise…


How many people do you know who have achieved their weight goals? Yeah, me neither.


This is where My Calorie Limit can come in to help.


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My Calorie Limit is a free app that helps people calculate the number of calories that they should eat each day in order to reach their weight goals. By keeping basic information at the ready, the app makes it much easier to keep weight goals in sight.


With My Calorie Limit, you have your weight and goal weight right before your eyes. No need for fancy charts and visualizations here. You can see where you’re at, where you want to be, and the difference clearly, so that goals stay firmly in mind. You also, of course, set a calorie limit so that you stay on target.


And don’t forget that fitness component! My Calorie Limit also gauges your level of physical activity so you know if you’re burning the right amount of calories in proportion to your intake.


It’s easy to turn weighing yourself on a scale into huge drama. Glancing at a smartphone, on the other hand, has become a routine gesture for many of us. It’s no big deal to look even thousands of times a day. So, if you’re having a quick looksie, you can check out how many calories you’ve eaten, how many you have left in your daily allowance – and eat smartly without stressing about it or trying too hard.


Let’s face it, most of us would like to lose weight, but we’re awful at tracking our diets. We’re not going to consume the right amount of calories if we have to work hard at figuring out what that looks like. My Calorie Limit does all the hard work, telling us how many calories we should be eating with minimal effort.


So, if you’re sick of ridiculously complicated tools aimed at helping you to reach your weight goals and want a simple measure of how much you can eat per day, treat your body to My Calorie Limit (currently available for download on the App Store).


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