MXPLAY – The Best Digital Audio Experience

MXPLAYEvery music fan should bookmark

A multifaceted approach to discovering new music, MXPLAY allows users to discover new music, save and instantaneously share it with their friends and other MXPLAY users.

MXPLAY has created a new approach to finding and listening to music — one that offers the users complete control of their web experience and gives them the best audio quality on the web — making streaming music sound as if it were being played from a local file in high fidelity.

MXPLAY has just launched a web based media application as an IE and Firefox browser plug in. The free program offers a unique way to discover and listen to MP3s on the web. Once a user installs the new MXPLAY web plug-in, a button appears on your browser toolbar that notifies you when you visit a site that has embedded MP3s. Click on the button and you can play the sites songs or save links for later.

As a registered user, your music choice is instantaneously displayed to other users in the people tab of the widget, and you can listen to others choices without having to be tied to any single website. Users can then discover music from each other and create a viral effect for new music through real time community sharing, even while they independently surf the web.

The MXPLAY website features over 180 MP3 blogs from all over the world and that number grows weekly.

In the next few weeks, MXPLAY will be adding instant messaging to the widget so users can chat about the music they are listening to in real time. An embedded social network widget is planned for September.

MXPLAY In Their Own Words

“MXPLAY was founded with an ambitious mission to provide a unique music experience to internet users — and developed a product which empowers music fans to explore and experience content from anywhere they choose.

With MXPLAY, you can find music while you browse the web or explore the MXPLAY website to find cool bands, music blogs, and content created or discovered by other users. You can create mashups with videos from YouTube, save songs from the web to your personal playlist, and share the song immediatly with your friends.

Why MXPLAY It Might Be A Killer

MXPLAY makes it incredibly easy to discover new music, instantaneously share it with friends and listen to it in high fidelity sound. The new MXPLAY web product is a true networked media application, allowing users to discover and share music without interrupting their web surfing or forcing them to one destination site. With MXPLAY you get to take your music with you.

Some Questions About MXPLAY

Do they plan on making the player available in other countries?

It already is available worldwide. MXPLAY is available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French and is double byte enabled. We have a great deal of traffic from outside the US.

Can users upload their own music from their desktops or other players and share them on the site?

Our users can import their itunes folder to listen to their collection while web browsing but they cannot share it with other users. MXPLAY