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Muzu.tvMuzu is a Dublin-based video portal that allows artists, bands, festivals, broadcasters, music magazines and others to upload their video content and have it viewed by interested users. Perhaps the most important element of this site is that it offers an entirely legal way for sharing and watching videos of all types.

Muzu has already signed deals with Sony BMG and 200 other labels to provide an array of content. Muzu allows users to sign up and create as many playlists as they’d like which can include: music videos, live music, tours, and video blogs to name a few. Each user also has their own “channel” which includes their profile, photos and message board which can all be completely customized. In Their Own Words

“MUZU™ TV – Your Music TV- Where bands, artists, festivals, venues, broadcasters, music magazines and more broadcast their music TV on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The key to this site is that it is free but also legal. This could become a major portal for music videos of all types.

Some Questions About

Testing of the player proved it to be incredibly slow leading to the obvious question of when they will be adding more servers. Also, how will they manage to compete with sites that don’t adhere to the law and publish anything whether legal or not?

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