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MuxtapeStumbler.comMuxtape Stumbler is the new cool way to discover bands and tracks based on the ones you already love. You can enter however many artists you want to scan for, and the site will present you with a listing of all the muxtapes from Muxtape.


com that include your artists in their mixes. If a mix only includes one or two of the artists you’ve entered, you can find muxtapes featuring them under the first results. You can also search by track. Besides the muxtape search engine, you can view the top artists, tracks, and artist searches on Muxtape, another great way to discover new artists and tunes. With the top artists listing you can also view which artists are the most commonly found in muxtapes with each of the leading groups. Muxtape Stumbler brings a level of data and discovery that was needed with the basic Muxtape feature. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Muxtape Stumbler, our sole intention is to help you discover new music by finding Muxtapes (online mixtapes) that contain bands you already know.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site keeps in line with the interface of the original Muxtape site, which is incredibly easy to navigate with everything laid out in bright colors and bold text. Muxtapes are getting more popular, and this is a great way to find the ones that will interest you while providing you with fun stats to inspire your searches.

Some Questions About

What is their business model for the site? Is the Top Artist Searches correct? Several searches with multiple artists are listed pretty high up on the list, so is this because not many people have searched using the site yet, or is there a problem with the results?

Author : Charly Zaks

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