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Muuver.comMuuver is a new application that lets you like or dislike just anything, and then find people who think in the same way you do. The goal of the site is to connect like-minded individuals, and let them make their aims come true by collaborating in ways that were previously impossible.


Users of Muuver can vote any concept or product positively or negatively, and upon doing so they will become paired with people who are of their same opinion. The idea is to let them start nothing short of true movements for changing the world.

You might be wondering in which ways this is different from using the Like button on Facebook. Well, the answer is pretty simple: Muuver not only lets you like things, it also enables you to dislike them. That is something people have been crying out loud for ever since liking stuff on Facebook became a standard way to show support and allegiance to any kind of cause or concept. Well, now they will be able to do it – and in a truly simple way at that, too. In Their Own Words

Start a muuvement, that could lead to revolution.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People have been looking for a dislike button ever since the concept of liking stuff on social sites came into its force.

Some Questions About

What if Facebook ever releases an official Dislike button? How will Muuver be affected by that?

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