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Muuua.comTeachers have got it made. That is what one has to think after checking the myriad of sites that simplify their work to no end, of which Muuua is a prime example. This startup enables classroom professionals to build partnerships with colleagues and collaborate with unprecedented speed and ease. The site itself defines what it does as a sort of dating system where people are matched by ideas, and that is a nice analogy.

On Muuua, any teacher can specify where (and what) he teaches and be matched with educators who share these very same things at compatible places, so that they can begin pursuing a professional collaboration. A web-based monthly planner is provided for users of the site to input information more clearly.

As a service, Muuua has the distinction of being both supremely easy to use (to the point that even teachers who are averse to computers will take a liking to it) and free from spam and interferences of any kind. The whole platform is really smooth and focused, and it never loses sight of what it has been created for: letting educators meet and communicate online. In Their Own Words

We provide a safe and simple way for classroom professionals to build partnerships with other teachers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let teachers all over the country get in touch with professionals looking for advice and guidance right when they need it. Not to mention that it will let them lend a hand to those who could use it.

Some Questions About

How can the site become more appealing from a structural point of view?