– Digg-like Site for Africa is stepping into the phenomenon that is Web 2.0 with sites like Muti.

Muti is a social bookmarking site influenced by the big guns reddit and Digg. The design is similar. Users submit content—links—to articles, news stories, or whatever they find interesting. Each item can be rated and voted up or down (by clicking on the arrows). Users are granted kudu points (which on other sites are referred to as karma), by other users’ votes. There are several different ways to view items: hot which displays most voted upon stories, new, top in which you’ll find over all popular items based on composite scores, most liked (items in order of highest vote balance), and most viewed. Registration is required to submit stories. In Their Own Words

“Muti is a social bookmarking site inspired by reddit and Digg but dedicated to content of interest to Africans or those interested in Africa.
Registered users submit links to news stories, articles or any item of interest. Other users have the opportunity of voting these submissions up or down. An up vote will increase a submission’s score while a down vote will decrease its score.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Muti is giving Africans a site for news and items that interests them. As the market is relatively new, this site should fare well.

Some Questions About

The site could use a design-over. It’s got a rather bland and worn look. Will this sort of Digg site appeal to Africans?