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Mutapic.comMutapic is an free web-based picture generator used to create original picture art. Users create their own online masterpieces by utilizing numerous functions, such as shapes, color, tint, brightness, scale, blur, glow, and texture, among others.


Users may create pictures simply for fun, or they may use them for other purposes. The Mutapic website explains the rules of using pictures for outside functions. Mutapic also offers a more developed tool for purchase, known as Mutapic Pro. This tool is downloaded onto the user’s computer. It runs at a faster speed and offers more functionality than the free web-based version. In Their Own Words

“Mutapic helps you to create artwork. It is a tool for designers, artists and craftsmen. It can be used to create logos, patterns, decorative elements, and just for fun!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mutapic’s wide array of artisitic functions, combined with the futuristic appearance of the site, shoots the tool ahead of Stone Age picture tools, like Microsoft Paint. Users will find the system simple to use, yet advanced in the quality of output. The tiered system of the free basic tool and the Mutapic Pro available for purchase, gives users the opportunity to take their system to the next level.

Some Questions About

What other programs for purchase could Mutapic launch? Would a short how-to video demonstration assist users even more than the Gallery with example pictures? Would examples of pictures created with Mutapic Pro entince users to purchase the advanced product, assuming they are impressed with the additional functions?

Author : Bill Webb

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