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MusoJam.comMusojam is a free online community specifically designed with musicians in mind. Bands who are missing a drummer or a bassist, can easily use MusoJam’s searching filters to find an ideal replacement by specifying the type of instrument they are looking for, the location, and they can even listen to recordings of the musician, found on the profile of each member.

Another interesting and useful feature of this site is that it allows musicians of all levels to upload their recordings and then receive comments and advice from respected musicians in the industry. The site is recently launched and promises a slew of additional features in the near future so check back often. In Their Own Words

“MusoJam is an online directory of musicians. We are creating an online tool that helps musicians find exactly what they’re looking for on the net. Do you need a musician for your band? Are you looking for comments on a new recording you’ve done? MusoJam has it all. Get your account now – it’s free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Perhaps the best part about this site is the ability for groups to find musicians that play specific instruments in their area. Sometimes it can be difficult to find certain types of musicians and MusoJam makes it easier.

Some Questions About

How will they encourage more traffic to the site and more registered users? Without a critical mass, this site is just simply not that appealing. Perhaps they could start sponsoring events in key urban areas to spread the word?

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