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It strives to connect those involved with and interested in the professional music and composition industry. Furthermore, it is a vault of information in the form of an online database of modern composers and contemporary musicians. This site provides profiles of numerous composers and performers from across the centuries, and provides detailed information on the performance and composition scene, past and present. With this site, users can read articles, check out newsfeeds, browse the spotlighted artists, search the community for upcoming events, and even scout out job opportunities related to music composition and performances. In Their Own Words

“ is a cataloge of persons and organisations from the world of classical and contemporary music. Although the framework resembles social networking sites the aim is not to create yet another recreational network but strictly focus on the professional aspect of networking. Everyone interested in classical and contemporary music will get easier access to the artist and his/her work by browsing through the catalogue of profiles. MusMap is the perfect place to manage your carreer from as much more people will stumble upon your MusMap profile than upon a personal website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a specific and detailed site that reaches out to a defined market. The site’s available information is vast, and the website itself is simple to use. Developing the social networking aspect more will add to the information and resources available as well.

Some Questions About

What other social networking links may be added to the site? How may posted jobs and performance opportunities more closely tie the members? Could this site be shared through other existing social networks?

Author : Bill Webb

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