– Add Images to Your Picasa Albums to Picasa is an easy to use application which allows you to add online images to your Picasa web albums. The app works both as a Firefox extension and within your browser.

To use it from the site itself, you’ll have to login into your Google account via which you’ll be able to access your Picasa albums. Prior to that, choose the image you’d like to add and copy and paste the URL into the correct field; add a caption if you wish along with any appropriate tags. You can edit the image on site if you need to. Additionally, you can search for images using the site’s Image Search function; there are nine engines to choose from, including Photobucket, Flickr and Ask. If you choose to download the extension, once you’ve found an image to add, simply right click and choose the add to Picasa option. In Their Own Words

“Add online images to Picasa Web Albums”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This application does make it very easy for you to add images to your Picasa web albums. It’s simple to use– there aren’t any extraneous features. It also comes with a image editor so that all your photos will look how you want them to.

Some Questions About

Is there anyway to upload multiple files at once? Will it integrate messaging, so that users can notify friends and family when they’ve update their albums?