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Musiclovr.comMusiclovr allows you to search for music, ringtones, photos and information in a 100% user driven environment. By avoiding industry hype, you are able to find music that your peers recommend instead of choosing music based on the size of a marketing campaign.


It’s free to browse the site and search for music and other downloads that others have recommended. Once you find something you like, you are given the option to buy the music from or other online music stores. You can purchase individual mp3s or full albums, and can keep up with the latest news and blog postings. Simply enter an artist’s name in their search box to get started. In Their Own Words

Discover new music with the Musiclovr portal. Completely 100% user driven, so you avoid all the industry hype and discover the music your peers recommend. Purchase individual mp3s or full albums, ringtones, view photos and video, or keep up with the latest news and blog postings. Simply enter any artist’s name in the search box below or click on the albums.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since the site is 100% driven by user content, people will like the fact that they can share music with others without being influenced by the music industry. The successfulness of this site will ultimately be determined by the number of people they can get to start posting content.

Some Questions About

Is there room for another music downloading site? Will user-generated content be enough of an incentive to bring people to this site? Ultimately, time will tell.

Author : Caroline Bright

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