– Connect with Other Local Musicians

If you’re a musician, you can’t really complain about having few people around to jam with. Not when there are sites like available. This site is free to join and use, and it lets you connect with musicians who play the very same genres you play, so that you all can get together and jam for a while. And if you find you’re all in the same wavelength, take everything from there.

Registration to is completed by submitting some basic personal information like your name, age and city, and also information that’s connected with your artistic background. You can enumerate all the instruments you play, explain for how long you’ve played them, and what are your artistic goals. You can also list all the bands you’ve been part of. And the ones that have been your biggest influences, of course. Whatever could give another musician the motivation for getting in touch with you.


Searches themselves can be carried State by State, and also by ZIP code. And you can always set down the mile radius that would work for you and your bandmates. No point finding the best drummer ever if he lives 500 miles away, and he has already got two jobs and a family to look after.

And also lets you find the best venues in town, so that landing a gig after all these months of rehearsals is nowhere as hard as it used to be for musicians before the Internet and social sites came along. In Their Own Words

• “Our first step has been creating a social networking site for musicians and bands to use as a home-base for finding one another. Musician Forest is owned and operated by musicians in Portland, Oregon (aka Hippieville, USA). Since we’re all musicians, we figured we’d have a basic understanding of musicians’ needs, but we’re always open to suggestions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Musician Forest is based on a great concept of connecting local musicians in one central location. However, as of the now, the site is minimal. The graphics and general appearance are basic, and the functions of the site are simple. If the site were to be further developed and possibly linked with other networks, it could grow to be a very successful network.

Some Questions About

What existing social networks can be linked with? What can be done to the site enhance the appearance? What other features can be developed to enhance the functionality of the site?