– Nokia Launches Music Site, the Finnish phone company, has recently launched their own music store. The layout is pretty standard.

You’ve got your most popular list on the front page, various music genres are slapped on the left side, and there’s a learn to section where you can find out how to listen to 30 second clips, add songs to your wishlist, stream music, and buy it too. Below that are the charts—top 40 of this and that—there are playlists, and you’ll find plenty of album art. Nokia’s site doesn’t really differ much iTunes or any other music selling site. Songs are available in Windows Media format and they’re DRM aligned. The site’s also based out of the UK, and it doesn’t not work on Firefox, or anything other than IE. In Their Own Words

“You can get here easily whether you are at home or on the move: Nokia Music Store gets you to millions of tracks directly from your PC or Nokia device. Download over the air through WiFi and 3G connections or wishlist the tracks you want and download later on your PC. Mix to match your mood by creating and editing playlists for every occasion at home or on the move. Enjoy new music; unleash new possibilities. Give every day a soundtrack.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For music fans, and Nokia users, this site provides easy access to popular music. It works just like most music sites, so there’s nothing new to learn or figure out. You can get music on the go or for later. It works how you want it.

Some Questions About

Nokia really hasn’t done itself any favors by sticking with DRM music in Windows format. Nor will they win many fans being only available on IE. Why have they chosen such a narrow course? Shouldn’t we expect more from a company like Nokia?