Musicians, Are You Looking For Work? Look No Further Than Music Freelancer

Musicians are a class of people who are truly doing what they do because they love it. Unless you’re at a very, very high level in the industry, chances are you aren’t making a whole lot of money playing gigs. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities out there for both doing what you love and putting some extra cash in your pocket. But where do you find them?


Well, one option is Music Freelancer. The site is aiming to be a hub for musicians who are looking for everything from jobs to community to musician-related items to buy. (Like, obviously, instruments, but there’s other stuff on there, too.)


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The site has a two-sided marketplace: musicians who are looking for work and people who are looking to hire musicians. From the musician’s side of things, the jobs are broken up into different categories – everything from composer to photographer to legal attorney to lyric writer, to name just a few. They can also search by project type – featured project, experience, music type, budget, country, and when the post was added to the site.


Another option for musicians is buying and selling songs, and Music Freelancers also offers a “Resource” section that includes a list of local, music-related shops for locales around the world.


For people who are looking to hire a musician, they can choose to either scroll through a list of musician profiles that outline everything from what they do to how much experience they have to what languages they speak. Users can also search by hourly rate, music type, languages known, and country, ensuring that the musician they find meets their specific needs.


Anyone who creates art deserves the chance to also actually make a living with that art. But as any starving artist knows, finding work is easier said than done. Sites like Music Freelancer make that task just a little bit easier.


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