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At MushyGushy, we\\\”re all about self expression and connection…for everyone. And we really mean everyone! We\\\”re the only site that gives its community the tools to easily upload photos and cut and place their heads into all of our amazing animations. Then, we let you adjust skin tones to match your facial complexions. You can even switch genders. See what we mean by everyone?

When you make one of our e-greetings (which we call GushyGrams), you and your friends become the stars. Your recipients will love that you sent them one. You\\\”ll love the reactions you get!

GushyGrams are FREE when you send them through standard e-mail. So, if you have a head (any shape or color will do) and no money, you can start starring in your GushyGrams today.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People love sending e-cards and this is the first and only one that allows people to totally customize the animation. Not only can you add your head, but changing skin colors and gender are a great way to reach EVERYONE! The cards are actually funny and have current spoofs on hit TV shows. I have seen a lot of people put celebrities faces on the e-cards, giving it another avenue of self expression. Not sure if the additional way of sending the e-card via google keywords will work but it is an interesting twist.