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Munch5ADay.comA diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables is one of the pillars for a healthy lifestyle. But the way things stand, we often end up eating the kind of food we would not even give our dogs to eat because we have no time to go somewhere else, or wait for longer than it takes a fast food restaurant to deliver what we are going to lunch.


Munch 5 A Day is a mobile app aiming to put an end to that. This application (which can be downloaded and used for free) will let you keep track of how many fruits and vegetables you are actually eating. And it lets you do it in a really simple way, as using the app involves little more than tapping the actual foods that you are consuming.

By keeping track of everything in such a way, you will be able to realize how healthy your eating habits really are. And if something is definitely wrong there, then you should not worry. Using this app you will be able to track how close you are to your newfound targets until you set everything to right. In Their Own Words

The healthy iPhone app.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are people who are aware they are not leading the healthiest lifestyles around, but they cannot find the time to do something about it. This app will suit them like a glove, as tracking everything is done in a mere couple of taps.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles ever be supported?

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