Mobile Marketing Multi-Millionaire Earned His First Million At 16. (Find Out How He Did It)


Growing up in Israel, Tomer Hen was your average 14-year-old high school kid. That is, until he got his hands on his first smartphone. And, just like a lot of people in the world, he became obsessed with it, to the point of worrying his teachers and parents. Little did they know, Tomer would be making his first million from his little smart toy in just 2 years. Here’s Tomer’s story.


A Little Bar-Mitzvah Money, And A lot of Talent

With his bar mitzvah money in hand, Tomer started buying ad space on big mobile websites and assisting businesses both in Israel and abroad with their mobile marketing. He also started consulting out of coffee shops. Word of Tomer’s immense mobile marketing knowledge and know-how spread quickly, and soon Tomer was conducting online mobile marketing seminars for students, mothers, soldiers – anyone who was looking to supplement their income. He was quickly on his way to becoming a teenage millionaire and proving to be one of the most prominent people in mobile marketing.





Tomer Hen Mobile Marketing College

Tomer’s online mobile marketing seminars quickly grew into a full-blown consulting company known as, Tomer Hen Mobile Marketing College, a one-stop-shop for companies and individuals alike to learn exactly how to advertise and market on mobile devices. Tomer hopes to not only teach but raise awareness to companies about the importance of mobile. He says that most companies believe that mobile is the same as web. But Tomer stresses that the mobile world is totally different, and companies only have about 2 seconds to grab the attention of their customers on mobile. Most companies have no clue how to do this. That’s where our whiz kid comes in.





A Teenage Mogul

Now at 19, Tomer is a high-profile, mobile marketing multi-millionaire who now employs 12 people in his plush office in Tel Aviv. At first he was a bit intimidated by being the youngest in the office (and having to run the whole show), but he says he’s growing into the role and responsibility of boss man. And what about college? Tomer says he’s too practical and real-world oriented to give college much thought. Besides, the kid has got a company to run.





I’m always fascinated by whiz kids who just have this super talent at such a young age, but I’m more impressed by people like Tomer who actually hustle their talent to create something huge. And the millions of dollars don’t hurt either. If you’re a company looking to go mobile, check out Tomer’s company and get schooled.


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