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The Dutch Made Holland. Probably, They’ve Done More Than That (Like This Premium Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve)



by Remy Nagelmaeker


Mujjo recently launched a collection of sleeves made out of wool felt and premium leather. The collection features sleeves for the iPhone, Galaxy S3, iPad, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and the Pro with retina display. Here, Mujjo co-founder Remy Nagelmaeker shares the process of developing the Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve and the Originals Collection.





We work with a small team, we like to keep the core of the company clean and streamlined, and we’ll hire freelancers when we need them. Our small team packs lots of skills and quite a lot of the work is done in-house: the product design, package design, brand identity, web design, marketing, etc. The small team gives us a great benefit – we’re able to adapt to the market almost instantly.


Example: when we noticed there was a demand for a sleeve for the Macbook Pro Retina we instantly anticipated and had a sample ready within a few days, the first mover advantage (Mujjo designed the first premium sleeve for the Macbook Pro Retina) resulted in lots of media attention.





To be able to create and design the Originals collection, we cooperated with fashion designers. We needed their expertise as we don’t have a background in fashion design ourselves. In terms of design, we design according to our own taste and we do have pretty high personal demands when it comes to our products.


We always try to do the things we love. If you do so, the drive and energy will push you and your team over barriers, (like a set of wings would). We don’t hesitate to show a product to others while we’re still developing it. Other people’s feedback is really valuable and we are still able to change things accordingly while we’re at an early stage of development.





In general, feedback from both the media and our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Our obsessive attention to details really paid off. It started with a post from, “As much of a case fanatic as I am, it takes a lot to catch my eye these days. That wasn’t a problem for Mujjo’s new lineup of ‘Originals’ cases for Apple devices like iPhones, MacBooks and iPads. These things look gorgeous.”


Lots and lots of media attention and great feedback followed. My favorite quote comes from NY Design Agenda, “Some people say that God made the world and the Dutch made Holland. Probably, they’ve done more than it… Mujjo, a bright company from the Netherlands makes it easier by creating probably the best of the best in sleeves.” This sure makes us feel proud which is good for the spirit and energy in the team.




Remy Nagelmaeker is an entrepreneur and he likes to design things from time to time. He shares a drive with his friends (and co-founders at Mujjo) Robin and Tom to create and explore new opportunities and products. They think that the market for mobile accessories is saturated with brands with a background in consumer electronics.


Mujjo, founded in 2010 by Tom, Robin and Remy, is a Dutch brand for mobile accessories with a focus on aesthetics, experience and character. In their opinion, the mobile accessory market comes short on brands with character, unlike the fashion industry.


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Remy Nagelmaeker | Mujjo

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