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MrUptime.Pingdom.comThe expression “Digg effect” refers to the unavailability of pages due to exceedingly-high amounts of traffic. This is a common occurrence when browsing through social sites or news resources that link to the hottest spots on the web.


Pingdom is a company that realized that many people were missing on interesting contents because of this. With all the information that is available on the Web, it is a fact that people forget about articles they could not read, and just move on. Consequently, the company set to work on an application that has recently been launched.

This application goes by the name of Mr. Uptime. In general terms, what this browsing tool does is to try to reach a website in the background while you carry on browsing as usual. As soon as the website can be accessed, Mr. Uptime will notify you so that you can check it right away.

Mr. Uptime is presented as a Mozilla Firefox extension that can be easily procured and installed through the site. The system requirements are also included, along with a FAQ that provides guidance on bandwidth usage and related considerations. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever tried accessing a website and it didn’t respond? Of course you have. We all have! Mr Uptime is an extension to your Firefox browser that will keep trying to reach that website in the background while you continue surfing on other websites. When the website is accessible again, Mr Uptime will let you know. You can also use Mr Uptime when a website responds but doesn’t load correctly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for a smoother browsing experience and better access to web-based information.

Some Questions About

How customizable is it?

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