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MPloyd.comLooking for a new job? Try Mployd, they’ll make sure that you get a job and are in accordance with the site’s name, employed. Once you register for free, you’ll be able to upload an unlimited number of resumes and you’ll also get to create your own Mployd profile.

You can put out public and employer only resume profiles, and choose from the site’s resume templates. Search and apply for jobs all at once.
Subscribe to RSS feeds and get job alerts in your inbox. Mployd will even recommend jobs that match your criteria. You can also get vouched from friends and colleagues. Employers, on the other hand, can sign up now and get one year free with unlimited job postings. In Their Own Words

“, is a leading website provider of job search and recruitment for job seekers. Mployd helps job seekers search for employment and leading the employers wanting to recruit, hire and provide opportunities.
Mployd is more than a catchy name. Working with companies, human resource managers, recruitment organizations, company recruiters and job seekers, we were able to design an employment community that facilitates easy communication between employers and job seekers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mployd offers job seekers a wealth of tools to help them land the perfect job. For those who need extra help, Mployd has resume templates and allows for multiple resumes to be uploaded, so you can select the one which best goes with each job possibility. Very handy. Employers get a good deal too, with free sign up until January.

Some Questions About

How is MPloyed going gain traction and attract employers? How are they going to draw in potential employees? What’s the business model?