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MPlayr.comMPlayr is quite a fulfilling music discovery service. In general, it gathers together the latest songs from the UK, US and iTunes charts, and it lets people listen to them right on their browsers. And absolutely free of charge, too. Finding what is trending in any of the supported territories and realizing exactly why such songs are trending becomes the same thing. Plus, the site enables users to create playlists with all their favorite songs, and listen to them from wherever they can access the Internet. These lists can include both the songs they have loved all their life, and the ones they have just become acquainted with through the MPlayr website.

And discovering songs there is made all the more easy since a search tool is provided, letting users find new songs directly, based on criteria such as genre and country.

MPlayr is a Facebook-connnected service (though some listening can be done without signing in), and it is powered by Grooveshark. In Their Own Words

Listen to the UK, US and iTunes charts.

Some Questions About

Would this service be better if Spotify were used instead of Grooveshark?