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Mozzler.comNews aggregators come by the dozen. The fact remains that there is such a demand for services like these that a relatively large number of different aggregators would theoretically be logical, in the same way that there are different TV stations to choose from when it comes to being informed.


Now, that doesn’t mean that the truly exorbitant number of web-based aggregators is justified, but it goes some way into explaining the phenomenon.

Mozzler is a new one, and its main calling card is that it scans Twitter in order to provide you with results that are always up-to-date. That is nothing new, but the novel touch is that you will be able to filter searches by creating channels and specifying the concepts that should be left out.

It works pretty well in practice, and you can sample it firsthand by visiting the site and clicking on any of the streams that have already been created. These are provided on the left-hand side of the main page, and these are as wide-ranging as you could imagine: “iPhone”, “Movie Reviews Of Indie”, “Johannesburg”… I am sure you will find a fitting one for you to put the site to the task. In Their Own Words

“Mozzler is a collection of real-time news streams. You can search the internet in real-time, create your own streams and subscribe to other users streams.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service offers a true alternative into looking up the latest news in a relevant fashion.

Some Questions About

How can the concept of streams be further developed and expanded?

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