Mozio – The Travel Site That Gets You To Your Final Destination

I love to travel, and I do it often. But, the physical act of traveling, especially dealing with airport politics—the long lines, the fierce immigration interrogation (what, just me?), and my notorious overweight packing whereupon I must pull out shoes, put on winter jackets and scoop up my unmentionables in front of fellow empathetic travelers— is, believe it or not, my least favorite thing about traveling. Give me Amtrak any day.

When I do finally touch down, tired and relieved, the last thing I want is another long hassle to get some form of transport to my warm hotel bed or a pint at the pub with my host. Mozio doesn’t want you to feel that “final mile problem” either.

The World Traveler Problem-Solver

David Litwak believes there are no really comprehensive travel search engines out there. He should know—he’s been to 65 countries and has lived in Estonia and Paris. The guy travels, a lot. But he was frustrated with searching several different sites to find how he was going to get from the airport to his final lodging destination in the quickest, most efficient way.

To solve this inefficient transport-finding dilemma, David, along with Berkley frat brother Joseph Metzinizer, created Mozio— a travel site that’s taking care of all your ground transport needs.

Breaking Into A Small Market

Mozio doesn’t want to compete with the Kayaks and the Expedias of the online travel agency world. Instead, the site is focused on the smaller ground transportation market–from limos, to ferries to trains to taxis—including large transport companies like Uber to small mom-and-pop businesses—all on one site.

This would have been a great tool back when I was a travel manager. Just like David, I had the same problem of having 10 tabs up to find the best, most economical ground transportation for employees to take. Another brilliant business plan that I didn’t flip the switch on for.

So, what’s in store for Mozio?

Currently, Mozio is hoping to develop partnerships with the big online travel agencies, and have the top 40 airports in the nation in their system in order to build a truly comprehensive travel search engine. They also hope to eventually be able to have users book transport directly from the site.

The site is in their first seed round of funding and the chairman of Orbitz is on board. Not a bad investor for your new travel site startup.