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Mozilla.comMozilla doesn’t consider itself as a traditional software company; but a global community and a public benefit organization that’s dedicated on improving people’s experience on the internet anywhere in the world. Mozilla has created yet again another award-winning web browser called Firefox2.

It’s the same as the Firefox but with greater features allowing you to have a more productive search. You can download it for free, it’s in 35 languages, and it occupies very little space. Some of its features, designed to provide you a best experience on the web, are an improved tab browsing (allowing you to open all of the sites that you wish to), spell checking, search suggestions (the search bar works for goolge, yahoo!, and, session restore (if Firefox for some reason has to restart or closes it will save whatever you were doing and start back where you were, avoiding you the pain), web feeds (RSS), live titles (regular updates of the most important information on a web page that you have chosen), integrated search, live bookmarks, pop-up blocker, streamlines interface, and accessibility. It also has some great features for security on the web such as phishing protection, open source, more secure, automated updates, protection from spyware, and clear private data. You can personalize your browser by choosing from thousands add-ons like an add-on for everyone, add-ons manager for extensions and themes, and search engine manager.

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