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MovieWeb.comMovieWeb is probably one of the hottest online sites for films, TV and DVD. Not only does the site have the best interface in the category, but it has the biggest library of video available.

News, interviews, reviews, box office and the host of regular features are all there. Great writers (B. Alan, Brian Gallagher, Dodd, Mush, Julian and more) write alongside a host of great and active users. What most users of the site don’t realize is that MovieWeb is already testing tons of Web 2.0 stuff that will make it a category killer in the filmed entertainment space. In Their Own Words

“MovieWeb is the leading online filmed entertainment destination, covering films in theaters and on DVD as well as TV. With exclusive news, reviews, interviews, features, set visits, photos and videos, we bring you all the latest…on the greatest film site on the Web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MovieWeb not only shames its peers in film, TV & DVD with the best interface and most community-friendly site, but it also has a HUGE and exclusive video library and the most robust film enthusiast community anywhere on the Web. With HUGE Web 2.0 features already in beta, they’re taking the genre to the next level.

Some Questions About

Will they put new stuff to become stronger than the competitors?