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Movaya.comMovaya is a Seattle-based software company focused on creating the easiest and most flexible service for Mobile Software Publishers and Online Merchants to enable multi-channel sales of mobile content. Movaya provides the easiest and most comprehensive solution to enter the Mobile Application and Game Market Movaya handles the content, billing and delivery – you just merchandise the products.

It is that easy. And it is free. All it takes is a few minutes. Movaya offers a number of services depending on the partners needs. Movaya PlugNPlay is a free service that enables anyone with a website to sell mobile games with minimal technical effort. Movaya’s Enterprise solutions are custom engagements so costs will vary depending on level of integration. In Their Own Words

“Movaya provides a complete solution for the distribution of mobile content, such as games and applications for your cell phone. An all-inclusive software platform that enables web-based business-to-consumer transactions for mobile-content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Movaya’s vision for the future of the mobile marketplace is an environment where 1000’s of independent software publishers and merchants coalesce to deliver products to the millions of cell phone users. Three of the key factors of this vision are: a sophisticated software platform; distribution of mobile content from large ecommerce companies; and widespread use of mobile broadband Internet.

Some Questions About

It’s hard to discern what makes Movaya different from every other mobile site. Will this site really catch on?