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Morgans – Stock Up On The Best Bathroom Products (Before You Run Out)

I squeeze the life out of my toothpaste. You could cut the empty tube open and not find a trace of paste (I haven’t tried this before, but now that I’ve written it, I’m going for the scissors the next time face-reddening clench yields zilch). The point: when I’m out, I’m out.


At the same time, I never ever ever ever remember to buy replacement bathroom products before I run out. So, this system is inconvenient in regards to toothpaste, dangerous considering deodorant, and… no, we won’t contemplate the hazards of a bathroom without other essentials.


Morgans both puts an end to the hassles of replenishing bathroom supplies and knows how to make a person feel even better while preparing to face the world.


morgans lnding


Morgans is an online shop and subscription service that stocks bathrooms with all the essential personal care products. Not only does Morgans keep vanities from running out of goods, it outfits the household with all-natural products at drugstore price – without the trouble of shopping beyond your own walls.


No more donning disguises to hopefully dart in and out of the drugstore unrecognized. No more hacking then discarding unnecessary layers of packaging to get at simple items. As the Morgans website promises: “no harmful chemicals, no middlemen, no ugly bottles, no hassles.”


Instead, Morgans delivers high-quality shampoos and soaps and razor blades and toilet paper, etc. to your doorstep – either at intervals that work best for you or whenever you need a specific item. Pause, skip, accelerate your shipping of products you want at any time.


My gums and a toothbrush have historically had a bad relationship, so Morgans pair of biodegradable toothbrushes ($4.00) with “soft bristles and handles made from sustainable bamboo from Jiangsu Province, China,” have certainly caught my eye.


Look, bottom line, we all need bathroom products and we all tend to forget them from time to time – or we’re forced to make a selection among a dizzying and ridiculous variety of products, which wastes our valuable time. Morgans puts a stop to the nonsense. For the same amount you’d normally pay for overpriced, froofy bathroom products, you receive natural products that are kind to your appearance and the environment. Without going anywhere. Pretty good deal, huh?


Plus, Morgans has been kind enough to extend an incredible offer to KillerStartups readers. If you step up to the mirror now and you’re one of the first 250 deliveries Morgans makes while they’re in launch mode, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on your order. Use the link here for more details.


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