– Is This Moral?

Moralize.usEver wondered if it was moral to castrate your dog, be a Bosnian dude, or exercise when you’re sick? If you’ve wondered about the morality of certain actions, you would do well to check out Moralize. Or take a peek for sheer entertainment.

It’s a site that lets users pose questions and you in turn can weigh in with your two cents by deeming the quandary moral or immoral. The current crop of recent moral dilemmas are rather superficial, if not silly (see above), but there are legitimate concerns too. Many of them are touchy subjects, but if you want in on the action, join. It’s free. And moral. In Their Own Words

“These are recent moral dilemmas. After you join you can click one and decide if it is right or wrong for you to add it to your personal moral code”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Moralize is an endearing, if not clever site that gets to the heart of odd and taboo subjects with a simple interface. It’s also entertaining.

Some Questions About

Will people take this seriously? Who monitors the questions? Is anything off the table as far as dilemmas?