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Morale.erikbenson.comDo you hate it when you are having a “case of the Mondays” and your friends or colleagues ask how you are doing? Ever wish you could just refer them to a third party and avoid talking? Enter the Morale-O-Meter. This site gives a daily update on an individual’s morale, and the meter can be viewed and compared on a centralized site or posted on a blog.


The meter displays five different factors, rated on a scale of ten- morale, health, sleep, alcohol, and caffeine. The site can also send out daily emails to remind individuals to update their Moral-O-Meter. Now let’s just hope your boss doesn’t finally realize the Monday’s low morale directly correlates with weekend alcohol intake. In Their Own Words

“This is just a silly site where you can keep track of your morale and display it on your websicle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Moral-O-Meter is fun, simple, and something that could do ridiculously well in office settings. For some that are to be avoided when they are in bad moods, the Morale-O-Meter should be obligatory.

Some Questions About

The application is fun, but will people use it every day?

Author : Mery Fisher

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