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Moof.comAn interesting development any way you look at it, Moof can be described as an online media player that basically empowers you to look up any song that you are interested in and listening to it online and (most notably) completely free of charge.

The audio itself comes from YouTube videos, and this can prove counterproductive in several cases as fan videos and “rare” mixes are found there.

But with some forethought and pre-filtering this is worked around.

This solution is completely web-hosted. This means that your browser becomes a sort of media player that doesn’t need to be downloaded or even configured – your browser becomes the player, and as long as you have a reliable Internet connection you will have a reliable player.

The one question I can’t help but ask myself when reviewing services such as this one is whether there is room for this type of service alongside “traditional” media such as CDs or LPs. If you ask me, I believe one of the two is bound to fail by the wayside – they are like Gilbert and Sullivan, they can not occupy adjacent spaces. Let’s see what happens next. In Their Own Words

“Social music, reinvented.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers are bound to flock to it.

Some Questions About

How many songs are currently available through this solution?