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MoodyMinds.comMoodyMinds is a social site for these individuals that have to deal with a mood disorder in their lives, or that have a loved one who has to deal with such a situation. The most distinctive aspect of the site is its vantage point, as it has been built by a patient for other patients, in order to educate them and to show them (and their families) that they are not alone.

Patients can use the site to monitor the ways in which their moods have changed, and determine why that happened. By defining the symptoms like that, your doctor will be able to medicate you more easily.

For its part, family members will be able to use that very same information both to avert a crisis and also to elaborate a detailed plan of action in the event a crisis can’t be avoided and their loved ones do get sick.

And in addition to providing both patients and members of their families with support and tools, the site is also aimed at physicians and care providers. For example, by printing the provided Doc Reports it is very easy to keep track of what has happened since the patient’s last visit. This will let you (as the physician) maintain a more fluid conversation since you can print and read the report beforehand, effectively giving your patient a more nurturing experience. You will know exactly how he has been managing his medicines and how he has been feeling lately. In Their Own Words

“If you are dealing with a mood disorder in your life or in someone’s that you love and care for, MoodyMinds is for you. We have built an environment that can help someone with bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, or any other mood disorder. MoodyMinds is a place for hope, health, and knowledge. MoodyMinds is a place where you can know you’re not alone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can change the lives of people dealing with mood disorders in a positive way, by giving them a true feeling of correspondence and support.

Some Questions About

How many people are already using this site? Where do they mainly come from?

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