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Monster Marketplace is a shopping search and directory, offering shoppers the opportunity to browse, compare and save on millions of products in one convenient location. They exhibit items from over 2000 merchants operating on the Network Solutions e-commerce platform.

Each of these stores is certified for secured transactions, so all personal data submitted by shoppers are protected. Shoppers can choose from two methods of search. The first method of search is quite direct. Shoppers start by entering the name of the item they wish to find into the search box located at the top of every page. This will retrieve a list of products sold by Monster Marketplace merchants and/or other online stores. Shoppers can further explore their options by clicking on the results page listings. A second Monster Marketplace searching method is to browse by category. With this method, shoppers begin by selecting a preferred category. This will present them with a list of stores, each offering its own category index. Every selection on the category index leads to a comparison grid. Shoppers use this grid to compare similar items from the same store, typically based on price. By clicking on an item, shoppers can obtain additional product information. Both the comparison grid and the product details pages further facilitate the comparison shopping process and help shoppers make educated purchase decisions. In Their Own Words

“Monster Marketplace is an online shopping directory where vendors list their products. We simply manage the listings in the Marketplace and have no control over any orders placed through participating merchants.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a shopping search and directory, which provides shoppers the opportunity to browse into an incredible wealth of products. Shoppers can choose from two methods of search, both methods are really useful. Firstly, they will be able to search by category, several of which are the following: books and movies, babies and kids, apparel and clothing, automotive and arts and crafts among others. The second way of searching is really simple, users will have to type their search needs in the searching box, and they will get quick results. Users are able to get their products really easy! Great organization and useful tools, which makes the site easy to handle.

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How will fare in the midst of so much competition? Are they providing customers with product catalogs?