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Mongoliad.comThere should be no doubt on anybody’s mind that collaborative fiction is the way forward for novels and short stories. Certainly not when one takes a closer look at a project like this one, which shows how smoothly and interestingly it all can be done The Mongoliad is a community-driven serial novel that takes place in the year 1241 CE, when the Mongol Horde led by Khan threatened to vanquish the whole of Europe. Mongoliad tells the story of the warriors and mystics that stand between the Mongols and the fall of Western civilization, as well as the stories of all those who end up caught up in the events that unfold.

The Mongoliad’s community is basically split in Ancients and Citizens. In general, the former are the “creators of the whole thing”, and citizens are those who joined the project later. There are three different types of citizens. “Citizen I” are the non-paying members of the community, and they can only access a preview of the story, and the provided ‘pedia. “Citizen II” can read all published chapters, and not only access but also edit the ‘pedia. And “Citizen III” are the most prestigious members of the community, and have even bigger privileges when it comes to editing everything.

This serial novel can be read both on your web browser and the mobile device of your choice. This is the iTunes link, and this is the Android Marketplace link. And those who have a tablet can read The Mongoliad there, too. In Their Own Words

The Mongoliad is a community-driven, enhanced, serial novel that you read with your Web browser, smart phone, or tablet.

Some Questions About

How long is the Mongoliad meant to run? What will happen to the community once the story has been completed?