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MoneyBookApp.comAs its name implies, Money Book is a financing app which is available both for those who have an iPhone, and for iPod Touch users. Keeping track of your finances is easy through this app since you have a home screen that gives you a good, comprehensive overview of the way everything stands.


For its part expenses are entered in juts a couple of gestures, and arranging what you owe and what is paid to you is done smoothly. Notes can be added to your expenses, too, so associating everything should not be a problem.

Besides, you can document your recurring monthly expenses and the progress over the previous months, whereas animated statistics are provided to make it all more memorable and easier to apprehend.

These are enough features to let you ensure that you finances will be in good working order. And that is specially useful now that Christmas is around the bend and acquisitions tend to get a little out of hand. If you agree with that, Money Book might as well provide some breathing space into this holiday shopping, and some way beyond it too. In Their Own Words

“The simple and elegant way to track and manage your finances. Your budget at a glance, and expense tracking at your fingertips.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very practical way to keep your finances in track 24/7.

Some Questions About

What features could be added in order to make it more useful without sacrificing its intuitiveness?

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