– Drag, Drop, & Monetize Media

MonetizeMedia.comDon”t let YouTube and Brightcove be the only ones monetizing off the videos you create! With Monetize Media, you will now be able to host videos (and likewise, channels) free of charge, and then generate revenue through subscriptions, advertising, downloads, and syndication. The ad rolls are focused on the target audience, meaning they work in context with the video they are viewing.

Monetize Media promises that monetizing your videos is as easy as drag, drop and monetize, so you will be receiving complete end-to-end solution, including encoding, customization, deliver and payment. This way, you will get your content to market even faster. You can elect a few different business models, PPV, Subscription or Free with Targeted Ads, and all of your content will be protected with DRM. In Their Own Words

“Monetize Media, Inc. is a dynamic and rapidly growing technology solution provider for the digital media. We provide complete end to end solution for the media, entertainment and enterprise customers. We help our clients to create, manage, market and monetize media, direct-to-consumers by delivering world class broadband online services.