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Monetize your motorized assets with ComeHomeCar

ComeHomeCar is a novel startup founded in 2019 to provide users with access to a different type of car-share. Whereas the classic car-share model involves a fleet of boring, largely-uniform rides, ComeHomeCar is designed to optimize the use of existing automobiles across the more exotic demographics.


By allowing for both barter/swap arrangements and “Dutch ownership” arrangements, the service allows customers who own expensive or desirable cars to “put them to work” as short-term, asset-secure rentals to customers with a desire to drive that particular model.

Pool-owned vehicles are also an option, allowing multiple users to group together, at a shared, lower cost, to organize and schedule shared ownership of a cool car or bike asset.

ComeHomeCar was founded by Chandan Kumar Singh, who describes the business as a “C2C and B2C mobility startup helping facilitate car and bike barter and lending.” The local, “every individual car matters” nature of the enterprise offers a welcome place-based granularity not typically seen in car-share operations, which are generally designed around the most boring, uniformist ideals possible in quantified transportation.

ComeHomeCar is based on the fact that transportation isn’t just utilitarian. It can also be fun and sexy, and much of that atmosphere comes from the quality of the cars themselves.

By approaching both the drivers and the cars (and bikes) involved as individuals possessed of specific, unique properties, ComeHomeCar opens up many adventuresome avenues for “one-way trips” where users can drive cool cars to interesting destinations, and then switch into a new ride, of similar calibre, for the next leg, or the return home.

ComeHomeCar can be found on the web at


Author : Owen Ferguson

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