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Moms4Mom.comIf there is one invaluable attribute the Internet has is how it lets you solve any problem by getting in touch with people whose knowledge might as well be encyclopedic, and who are willing to offer it for free. When you can’t find an answer off the top of you head you know that you can try any of the forums or questions and answers sites that populate the Internet, and that are going as strong as ever.

And more and more specialized ones keep on surfacing. This is one of the latest to come around, and (as its name denotes) it is geared toward mothers.

The idea is to let them interact among themselves and ask any question that they can’t elucidate on their own. For example, the kind of questions that are answered here include “Guidelines for how many clothes are needed for a newborn baby?” and “When can you start feeling the unborn baby move in the uterus?”.

It is important to stress that the site is also open to contributions by fathers. As a matter of fact, the domain redirects to, so it can be said the site effectively covers the world of parenthood from both sides and vantage points. In Their Own Words

“ is a place where pregnant women, new, and experienced Moms and Dads can go to ask questions and share their experiences with other parents. Who knows better than another parent? Unlike typical forums, which list posts chronologically, is based on new software (developed for the StackOverflow website) that allows you to rate answers as helpful. The answers rated most helpful show up at the top of the page, just under the question. I envision as an amalgamation of knowledge from books, other websites, and personal experience, all ranked by how helpful it is to other Moms and Dads. The site is designed to be “search engine friendly”, so someone who types a question into Google should see relevant answers on close to the top of the list. This is a site built by parents for every parent.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a site makes finding the answer to each and every parenthood-related question a very easy task.

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