– Movies That Are Rated Using Twitter

Mombo.comI wouldn’t be surprised if a poll revealed that the vast majority of people check what is said on Twitter before going to the movies. Twitter has become the de facto voice when it comes to assessing movies – people just love what others individuals who are exactly like them have to say.

Sometimes a couple of messages that have 140 characters are all you need to read in order to make up your mind about how worthy a movie really is. And in any case, the attention span of people keeps on decreasing as time goes by. They just want something quick and to the point, no flowery language and no philosophical elucidations. Is the movie any good? Or is it a turkey?

That goes into explaining the popularity of sites like Mombo. In principle, it is an aggregator of tweets that mention movies. A real time stream is provided on the main page, and you can also see which movies have been tweeted the most and which ones are the most liked. The most recent blockbusters are particularly highlighted, too, so that you will be able to easily see what people are saying about that movie or movies you have been looking forwards to for a long time. In Their Own Words

“We rate movie tweets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into knowing which movies are worth it, this site will give you a very clear indication.

Some Questions About

Why are only Hollywood blockbusters featured?