– Daily Organizer with Lists and Notes

MojoNote.comSome say organization in the spice of life. If you are in that camp, check out Mojonote.

com. This is a free web-based program that serves as both a daily organizer and note keeper. Each account has three main sections: current day with tasks, collection of lists and a collection of notes. My Tasks is the day planner where all tasks are listed with check boxes for marking once finished. The tasks can include links to other sites and can be edited very easily. My Lists section is the perfect place to keep all sorts of lists including to-do lists, goals, birthdays, business ideas, books read/unread, gift ideas, etc. Finally, My Notes is the section that organizes all personal notes listed by title. Users can keep notes of all kinds here thanks to strict privacy. However, if a user wants to share their lists or notes that’s super easy to do as well. In Their Own Words

“There’s nothing to download or install. Since Mojonote is a web-based program, you can access your lists, notes, and tasks using any computer with an Internet connection and a modern web browser.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The simple format of a daily plan, lists and notes will help the user stay organized in their own mind and the sharing/privacy capability will be very convenient. Users can share grocery lists with family members, homework notes with classmates, and business ideas with associates.

Some Questions About

Do other people need to have MojoNote to receive shared lists?