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“Welcome stranger! My name is Kalm. Welcome to my world – the MojiKan. I am Lord and Guardian of this domain, home to my beloved Mojis, Obakis and friends. In here you will find a wealth of information and content that introduces present and future things you will be able to do in the MojiKan. You may even take a Moji or two home to play with!! Feel free to stop by this chat area ask me anything should you feel lost or would like some help browsing through the MojiKan or even just to chat. Enjoy your stay here !! And do come back to visit me now and again as I breathe more life into my home.”

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There is a lot of room for expansion and development of this concept. It´s exciting to see AI being used in a way that makes site maintenance easier and more personalized.

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Mostly it´s going to be a test of time to know whether Mojikan has lasting appeal. It will depend of how advanced their AI technology is.