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MoiPal.comYou’ve heard of nanopets and Tamagotchis, well now there’s MoiPal. MoiPals are virtual friends you fashion on the internet and take with you on your phone where they live and play.


Each pal lives in the aptly named Pal City. Users can customize their pals’ clothes, hair and appearance and pick the district for them to live in—Downtown, Boheme, Chinatown, or Beachside. From there, users can customize their pal’s home choosing from everyday, futuristic, gothic or princess designs. Once accommodated pals can start socializing. They may play games such as football, purchase more clothes in the virtual store, and start groups. The site has just been released internationally. In Their Own Words

“MoiPal is a friend you create on the internet and that lives in your phone. With MoiPal you can play fun games or just hang out and have a talk with some other pals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Virtual pets are the new invisible friends except these have more style. Moipal provides cell phone wielding tots with a fun way to socialize and play with new friends. It’s got all the kind of accoutrements kids like—dress up, playing house, games etc—except its all taken to a new high tech level.

Some Questions About

Will parents approve of their kids playing on their cell phones rather than on the playground? How much do clothes and decorations cost? How safe is this?


Author : Siri Marshall

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