Struggling With Too Many Cloud Storage Services? Mohiomap Is Here To Help

While every startup likes to think that their innovation will wipe out all previous solutions to the same problem, the reality is that, more often than not, users just end up adding the new company to their already long list of companies they’re using. Social media is a great example of this (except, perhaps, for Facebook’s total take down of MySpace). Another example? Cloud storage. Mohiomap is here to help.


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Seriously: think for a minute about all of the places you have data stored in the cloud. Unless you’re particularly well organized, you probably have some files in Dropbox, some in Google Drive, some in Evernote, a couple over in Box. You probably have vague reasons for using this service over that one, but realistically? You just haven’t put them all in one place yet.


And the reason you haven’t is because it’s kind of a pain, right? Going through old files is as much fun as sifting through that drawer in your bedroom where you throw all the random stuff that has no specific storage space. Sure, some of it is useful, but some of it just straight up isn’t. And, honestly, who has time to determine which category each file falls under?


So we avoid it. And open a new cloud storage account that promises to make our lives easier but really just adds another drawer to the ever growing dresser. Mohiomap, thankfully, isn’t here to add one more cloud storage solution to your life. Instead, their goal is to help you manage and — even more interesting — visualize all of the data you have scattered across your existing accounts.


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To help illustrate exactly how Mohiomap can help, let’s take a situation that we’ve all been in: searching frantically across all of our different file folders for that one document. Was it in Slack? Did I save it to DropBox? Maybe it was shared on Google… Nope, not in Drive either. It’s enough to make any efficiency and productivity-focused digital worker throw her MacBook out the window.


But with Mohiomap, all of those folders and files are represented in a visual map, showing you how they’re connected, where they are, and who has access to them — as well as who has accessed them most often. It’s a great solution for visually-oriented people who have trouble with the standard list format of most cloud storage.


The data provided by Mohiomap also provides insights not only to where, exactly, each file is stored but also how you’re using that data. So, for example, you may discover that some of those files really aren’t worth paying the fees for extra storage on Dropbox and really can be moved over to free, longer term storage on Drive. You can also use the Filter and Search functions to immediately find anything you’re looking for, without having to hop between browser windows and applications.


So why are you still struggling with those multiple platforms? Get back your time — and your sanity — by mapping all of your cloud storage with Mohiomap.


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