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Mogwee.comPresented by Ning, Mogwee is a social networking site that has one distinctive feature: it can only be accessed on mobile devices. In order to join this network and interact with the people who are part of it, you must have an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad.

All the kind of interactions that a site such as Facebook has popularized over the last year or two can be replicated here. Users can message each other out, make plans together, share images and photos, send personalized gifts when their birthdays come (or when they are feeling cuddly)… In short: imagine Facebook as a mobile-only platform, and you will know what to expect of Mogwee.

It is important to mention that support for Blackberries and Android phones is underway. Plus, a Web version of Mogwee is also meant to be released one day, when (and if) the service has become consolidated. And future enhancements to the service itself will include letting users find venues while they are on the go, as well as looking up movie showtimes. In Their Own Words

Mogwee is a social communication service for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (with Android and Web versions coming soon). Chat live with your friends, plan a night out, share photos and videos, even play mini-games. Stay tuned for the ability to find local restaurants, look up movie showtimes and more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Once geo-localization features are implemented, this network can start realizing its true potential.

Some Questions About

What chances has this really got of succeeding?