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Mogulfish.comHow can small businesses carry out a well thought marketing strategy without enough economic resources to do so? And without dedicated staff to perform that task? Often, marketing is done in and individual and amateurish way by those responsible of small businesses. wants to give the necessary resources for them to be able to compete in their marketing strategies with big companies.


They call it Do It Together marketing, which means that what a business can’t afford because of lack of time or money, it can purchase that same product by getting together with others in similar situations. The services offered through the site are varied and pretty much convenient. Maybe you need to print some brochures, but you are not the only one. So another business with the same need gets together with you and you find a promotion from a press that will print them for a lower price in case it is assured a minimum quantity.

The site includes a section with successful cases so you can get some inspiration. Also, you will find a bunch of possible ideas you can adopt for your marketing needs, and some articles describing the latest trends in everything related to internet sales and advertising.

The main feature that gives you is the chance to enter and look at services posted by different marketing providers who use different techniques. Designers, social network specialists, and many other pros will be offering their services at low rates. Thus, small businesses can get the advantages which they could not afford if they were hiring alone.

Also, a whole “Education” section will provide lots of interesting information for those who are less familiar with internet marketing. In Their Own Words is a free online network that generates collective marketing power for small businesses.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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