– Video Messaging for Your Mobile

MoGreet.comWhen words simply aren’t enough, there’s Mogreet. MoGreet is a mobile video messaging company based out of California.

Sending Mogreets is simple and far more engaging than !!! and a bunch of smileys. Start by browsing the Mogreet message library to find the video message that fits your needs. Next, fill out your personal deets and include the number of the person the message is supposed to go to; from there, add your personal message and click send. Mogreets range from 75kb to 120kb. The cost varies, but most are about $.99. The charges will appear on your phone bill. There’s a pretty wide selection of Mogreets, including a sampling from some of today’s top movies and stars. In Their Own Words

“Mogreets are Mobile Video Messages that allow you to express yourself with far more sentiment, humor, and emotion than you can with an ordinary text message. You get the personalization of a normal text message along with a cool video message. You no longer need to express yourself with CAPS LOCK, emoticons :), or exclamation points!!!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mogreets are much more interactive and interesting than plain old SMS. They add spice to any conversation and there’s a wide selection to choose from. It’s pretty fun stuff.

Some Questions About

It would be useful if users could record their own Mogreets and incorporate them into the premade messages somehow. How often is new content added?