– A Smooth Approach To Mobile Tickets

MogoTix.comQuite a straightforward way to create an event and handle the way tickets are acquired by the public, MogoTix works well if only because it provides you with a mobile platform suitable for events of any size. That is, using it you can easily come up with an event website and take care of distributing mobile tickets to your attendees.

You won’t have to worry about logistic considerations such as printing and mailing the tickets, and your attendees won’t have to fret over the ticket actually getting lost along the way. It is all executed in a fell swoop, and the act of signing up for the event equals receiving the ticket on the mobile.

As it was mentioned above, this system works well for events of all denomination -parties, fundraisers, conferences… The site for the event is created in a breeze – you just chose a name for it, and then pick a URL (along the lines of “”). The rest is equally intuitive.

Those organizing free events can use this service at no cost, whereas organizers of paid events have to pay a percentage of the actual face value of the ticket plus a fee per each ticket that is sold. In Their Own Words

“MogoTix is the easy way to create and manage any event with mobile tickets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Attendees are saved the hassle of standing in line to get a ticket, whereas you (as the one who creates and promotes the event) cut on organizational costs considerably.

Some Questions About

Are all kind of mobile phones whatsoever supported?