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MoFuse.comMofuse, short for mobile fusion, is a web app which mobilizes websites and blogs. How it works: publishers, i.

e. bloggers and site owners, start by utilizing their RSS feeds as their mobile site source, which means they needn’t worry about updating the mobile site; from there they can design and customize their site with Mofuse’s WYSIWYG editor and Ajax designer; static pages—About, contact, FAQs etc—may also be added. Mobile site visitors will automatically be redirected to the mobilized site. Apart from that, Mofuse users can apply their own domain or subdomain name, add their own images/logos, and they can enroll in Mofuse’s revenue sharing program to earn 50% of advertising profits from AdSense and AdMob. Additionally, users may place an SMS widget on their site so that users can receive your mobile link via SMS. Mofuse is 100% free. In Their Own Words

“Mobilize your website or blog. Take control of your mobile content, quickly, easily, freely.
Bloggers – Use your RSS feed to power your mobile blog. Design your mobile blog with our WYSIWYG editor. Automatically redirect your mobile visitors to your mobile blog.
Everyone – Anyone can use MoFuse, not just bloggers. Signup and build your mobile site!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mofuse allows publishers to create a mobile version of their site easily and directly, without requiring any special technical skills—quite useful for bloggers looking to expand their reader base. As the mobilized site relies on RSS feeds for content, users needn’t worry about manually updating the site. The revenue share scheme adds another incentive to use the site.

Some Questions About

How many static pages do they support?